Massimo Cimatti is a prominent investor and entrepreneur in the Italian real estate scene with a career spanning over 30 years in the competitive industry.

Born in Milan in 1961, he followed in his father’s successful footsteps by working his way up through the real estate industry, and in 1994 he founded one of Italy’s most prominent real estate services company, Gruppo Norman. The company was listed on the London Stock Exchange and Massimo Cimatti held the position of CEO until 2008. During his time as CEO, he managed to create Italy’s first instance of a joint investment between his company and The Royal Bank of Scotland-RBS, with the Scottish institution selecting Gruppo Norman as its main Italian partner for any investments regarding the real estate industry.

As the leader of Gruppo Norman, he developed and executed many innovative projects and initiatives, with long-term strategies that helped to reshape the industry. For example, he established Norman “Brain” which was the first instance of a creative laboratory in the property sector. Furthermore, he created REAM SGR (Società di Gestione del Risparmio), which was at the time the only Italian real estate asset management company with Banking Foundations being the sole representatives of its shareholders (today it is still one of the most valuable of its kind in the country).

Massimo Cimatti also set some significant milestones in the real estate scene in Italy.

His venture “Oikos” was the first national instance of a social housing project, and his revolutionary initiatives included real estate asset management strategies that would benefit smaller businesses and socio-cultural development.

He set an example in terms of corporate social responsibility, creating the “Rising Sun Foundation” and developing innovative corporate training and knowledge management with projects like “Ragione e Sentimento”. He even established a Shakespeare-focused corporate theatre company to encourage team-building activities. His engagement in charity was recognised in 2014 with his award of the prize “Angelo dell’Anno”.

Massimo Cimatti sold a majority stake of Gruppo Norman in 2008, being one of the first to recognise the signs of the global financial crisis, and moved to Monaco after deciding to focus on international projects. Currently, he holds the position of Chairman at international real estate group Agedi, which has been active since 1927 in the territories of Monaco, Italy, and France. Having been active for almost a century, the group has become one of the most prominent operators in the real estate industry, providing a wide range of services with the aim of adding value to its properties under management for an international and diverse clientele.

Furthermore, Massimo Cimatti is linked to several financial and industrial associations all over the world, like The European House – Ambrosetti, which counts many leading entrepreneurs among its members. In addition, he leads many important initiatives of property


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