Corporate Social Responsibility

As an entrepreneur and a company leader, Massimo Cimatti has been a great player in the development of corporate social responsibility initiatives.

From charitable foundations to company-wide creative projects that improve teamwork as well as communication, he has strived to ensure his businesses have a positive influential impact both inside and outside the firm.

In 2001, he founded the research and development lab “Brain”, which established a long-term innovative project for one of the first instances of social housing in the whole country. By creating an effective combination of a variety of competences and common goals to work towards, Massimo Cimatti managed to give life to a complex and innovative project. In 2006, he established OIKOS, an LLC, which worked successfully alongside various banking foundations and allowed tenants to develop a long-term deal with a mortgage without the need of a substantial deposit. Developed by Massimo, this initiative, was praised by various authorities for providing an incredible opportunity to the younger generation who would be facilitated in buying a permanent home over time and is a perfect example of how to build a community as well as uplift society from its younger members.

Having been involved in and undertaken a wide range of charity work, Massimo Cimatti, has stated that for “whoever has the luck of living in a consistent social condition, time can often be the most precious resource”. This thought underpinned his establishment of the Rising Sun Foundation, a project of social responsibility which involved most parts of the company, including the managers, the employees, the suppliers and the clients and meant that a myriad of individuals associated with the entrepreneur’s company, Gruppo Norman, spent a portion of their work time volunteering in activities for various charities and numerous different causes. This established a sense of solidarity that would further improve the social impact of the firm. It can be said that with this corporate experiment, Massimo Cimatti, set an example for how enterprises can help to better society.

Leading a company effectively often entails making sure that the working environment, for all members of staff and collaborators, is enjoyable and comfortable, providing motivation as well as promoting good teamwork among individuals. From efficient communication to looking after employees’ personal growth and improvement, the leader of Gruppo Norman engaged substantially in the research of knowledge management, with successful projects such as “Ragione e Sentimento”. With creative initiatives such as a firm-based theatre company, he showed how important it can be to develop a sense of collaboration throughout a whole company, whilst at the same time also helping to raise funds for charitable causes. Overall, Massimo Cimatti has consistently shown how an entrepreneur can make a big difference by implementing corporate social responsibility initiatives into a company’s procedures, both by improving staff morale and engagement, and by supporting the development of the communities in which it operates.


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